Newsletter november 2017

2017 has been an intensively year where we have been involved in many different events and new projects. 2018 in going to be even more active for our part. It´s the politic election that starts in the summer in Almedalen, more football teams from Stockholm are in Allsvenskan this year, and its the World Cup in Russia where Sweden is going to play and we have all ready started with the arrangement around this event.

In the beginning of 2018 we are starting up a big collaboration with one of the largest food chains in Sweden. We are also starting up new projects in Uppsala, Gothenburg, Linköping and Eskilstuna. And the future for the Segwaykiosk with many campaigns and sale events looks very bright.

If you intend to plan activities in 2018 and need our help with idea, concept, development, project management, documentation and communication contact us now, everything to ensure quality in what we will help you with.


To clarify the solutions we work with about Trucks, Segway kiosks and project management,
you can read about our various services on this link

Existing Segway kiosk, we would not be surprised if it will be 2018's major news on the market.
It is a perfect complement to truck activities. Also suitable for use in an activity entirely on its own.

Film Segway Kiosk during VM-qualification Sverige - Italien in this link.  

Presentation of our collobarations with Pop Up trucks in this link

Since we work alot with mobile solutions we have started a collobaration with the mobile sauna company Mobiba.
One way to extend the truck experience to private parties and other contexts. It also means that we
can now offer sauna truck as a service in our total range. Read more of Mobiba in this link


Now we look forward to finishing the year with the big event Sweden International Horse Show at Friends Arena where food trucks really have been involved and raised the food experience for the visitors.
The trucks that participate this year is the winner of Swedish champions in Food Truck 2017 Indian Street Food , the winning Food Truck of the year 2015 Nordic Street Food, Gothenburgs best Food Truck Kombé, Eva-Lotts kök from Dalarna, lasts years favorite truck Nees Taste of Thai and the last truck to participate is Papa Chubby.  KaffeLuckan is going to serve high quality coffee in the paddock and on floor 3 you will find the Bakery Truck Christenson&Grez.

We also take the opportunity to thank all food trucks, the trucks we rented, organizers, real estate companies, arenas, and all other parties we have worked with and for 2017. Thanks for a good cooperation! Looking forward to a good 2018 with both new and old collaborations. During December, there will also be a movie that summarizes the year's gone

Best Regards Walter Carvajal and Krister Lundström


Boka en truck and the entire truck business began with when we helped one food truck with sales and marketing. Today, we help many trucks with this. We have become a part of the value chain of others' operations, which we are very proud of.

As Walter has worked as a business coach and with business development, it has been natural to start testing different services in the trucking area.

That we have reached where we are today is because we have carried out a lot of assignments with the trucks for real estate companies, arenas, organizers, campaigns and road shows for companies, municipalities. We could never believe it was going to be this huge.

We are grateful for what has been, but also humble for what is coming.

The background to this positive development is that our Walter, while at the time of boka en truck was launched, also started the business The Story of No 8. It is an company that helps other companies with ideas, concepts and development, where many assignments lead us to join and project manager the development of the companies.

In addition, there is a lot of communication and documentation From this point of view, it has become natural for us to work with a truck in the same way as The Story of No 8 customers. One can easily say that we do as we teach

More info, follow the link